Lars-Flemming Pedersen

Senior Researcher

Lars-Flemming Pedersen

National Institute of Aquatic Resources

Section for Aquaculture

Willemoesvej 2

Building Hovedbygning Room 006

9850 Hirtshals





Aquaculture, RAS, water quality, microbial activity, biofiltration, nitrification kinetics, biofilm, disinfection, formalin, hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid

Senior researcher with a focus on water quality aspects in aquaculture. Since 2002, the research has included applied research and extensive collaboration with commercial fish farms and RAS in Denmark. The work includes e.g.: Testing of water quality, development of methods to monitor water quality and strategies to improve or control water qualityOptimizing chemical disinfection and implementing peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide as alternative agents to formalinBiofiltration, assessment of nitrification performance and kinetics and documentationAssessment of factors affecting nitrification performance (type of media, effects of disinfectants, salinity, temperature, start-up and backwashing etc.Test, develop and implement innovative techniques to control the microbial carrying capacity in RAS (foam fractionation in FW, sponge biomedia, ozonation)Development of new and innovative simple methods to monitor microbial water quality and assess biofilm activity. Collaboration with Ultra Aqua, Mycometer, ElectroCell, CM Aqua, Water ApS, Oxyguard, Billund Aquaculture, AkvaGroup, KSK Aqua, Levapor, PK Plast, Biomar, AquaPri and several commercial fish farms and RAS companies. Research collaboration with Danish RAS companies and suppliers, the Danish Aquaculture Organization, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, fish farmers and veterinarians. Research collaboration with the University of Aalborg, Copenhagen University, DTU Environment, and international research collaboration with colleagues from the US (TCFFI, VW & USDA, AR), Germany (IGB, Berlin) Norway (NTNU, Trondheim; NMBU, Ås, UiT, Tromsø; Nord Uni., Bodø; NIVA, Nofima) and Tanzania.