Sune Lehmann


Sune Lehmann

Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Richard Petersens Plads

Building 321 Room 126

2800 Kgs. Lyngby




Sune Lehmann


I'm an Associate Professor at DTU Informatics, at the Technical University of Denmark. A physicist by training, my interests have slowly shifted towards complex networks and  massive datasets, and I'm currently working in the intersection between physics, sociology, and computer science. My work focuses on understanding the structural and dynamical aspects of complex network topology, as seen from a statistical standpoint. I'm currently working to understand temporal dynamics of in multiplex networks based on data a large scale sociometer experiment (High Resolution Networks), funded by the Villum Foundation. Previous work has focused on communities in networks Nature (Ahn, Bagrow and Lehmann.  Nature doi:10.1038/nature09182, 2010),  multipartite networks (Lehmann, Schwartz, Hansen. PRE 78, 016108, 2008) and understanding the type of correlations that scientific authors and collaborations impose on the (citation) links between the publications  (Lehmann, Jackson, Lautrup. Nature 444, 1003, 2006). I'm a graduate of the Niels Bohr Institute ( B.Sc, Physics 2001 [pdf],  M.Sc, Physics, 2003 [pdf]) and the Technical University of Denmark ( Ph.D., Complex Networks, 2007 [pdf]). In the past, I've worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Institute for Quantitative Social Science at  Harvard University and the College of Computer and Information Science at Northeasthern University; before that, I was at Laszlo Barabási's Center for Complex Network Research at Northeastern University and the Center for Cancer Systems Biology at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.