Malcolm McGugan

Chief Development Engineer

Malcolm McGugan

Department of Wind and Energy Systems

DTU Wind Materials and Components Division (WMC), Wind WMC SVT, Wrinkle-Sim

Frederiksborgvej 399

Building 101 Room S08

4000 Roskilde




Structural health monitoring, Acoustic emission, Acoustoultrasonics

A polymer composite materials technologist specialising in Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). Experienced in the accredited mechanical testing of coupons, components and full-scale structures. Familiar with all standard non-destructive evaluation techniques, particularly acoustic emission and acoustoultrasonics. My work involves co-ordinating mechanical testing programs (both National and European) concerned with developing SHM technologies, I also take responsibility for project management, direction, deliverables, and new project application. I am an expert speaker on SHM for an advanced lecture series touring European Universities.Specialties Acoustic Emission technology, Mechanical testing of large structures (Wind turbine blades, Ship hulls, Aerospace, etc.), Structural Health Monitoring