Frank Nießen


Frank Nießen

Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Section of Materials and Surface Engineering


Building 425 Room 124

2800 Kgs. Lyngby




Frank Nießen


Dr. Frank Niessen is a Tenure Track Researcher working on the interface of computational modeling and advanced in-situ material characterization to shed light on the nature of solid-state phase transformations and their effect on material properties. Gained understandings and established models are used for the design of new improved materials. He is an expert on martensitic phase transformations in steels and titanium alloys and has authored several publications that focus on their characterization with a combined computational and experimental approach. He is also active in the field of method development for electron microscopy.  Frank Niessen teaches thermodynamics and diffusion kinetics modeling to M.Sc. students in course 41668 on Computational Materials Science. Check out Frank Niessen's research work on: Orcid ResearchGate GoogleScholar Scopus Find Frank Niessen's educational ressources and free open-source software on: youTube GitHub