Rebecca Engberg

Senior Executive Officer / Center Manager

Rebecca Engberg

Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Richard Petersens Plads

Building 324 Room 120

2800 Kgs. Lyngby




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Rebecca Engberg is Center Manager in the QIM Center, a hub for quantitative image analysis associated with various facilities and research environments including MAX IV, ESS, Danish BioImaging, Euro-Bioimaging, hospitals, and the 3D Imaging Center at DTU. As Manager her role is to set up the center activities, manage the daily operations, and organize the collaborations with the above-mentioned partners. One of the first major tasks will be to develop a platform for AI-based quantitative analysis of X-ray and neutron tomography (μCT), which will support machine learning research in 3D imaging.  Rebecca has been Project Manager at DTU Compute since 2009, primarily working with projects in the Section for Image Analysis & Computer Graphics and Section for Cognitive Systems. work.