David Philipp Rudolph

Senior Researcher

David Philipp Rudolph

Department of Wind and Energy Systems

DTU Wind Energy Systems Division (WES),

Frederiksborgvej 399

Building 115 Room S30

4000 Roskilde




I’m a geographer focusing on the socio-spatial implications of energy transition. I have a PhD in Human Geography from the University of Edinburgh. My research interests revolve around the social, spatial and political-economic dynamics of expanding renewable energy technologies as well as their impacts and possibilities for the livelihoods of communities, particularly in rural areas. My approach to geographical energy research cultivates both critical and poststructuralist theories. In my previous research I have mainly employed a number of qualitative research methods, such as interviews, focus groups, content, policy and discourse analysis, to look at local responses, conflicts, policies, community engagement and benefits related to the planning and siting of onshore and offshore wind farms in the UK, Denmark, Ireland and Germany.