Yang Hu

Associate Professor

Yang Hu

Department of Energy Conversion and Storage


Building 310 Room 340

2800 Kgs. Lyngby





electrocatalysis in-operando characterization P2X fuel cells electrolyzer

   Yang Hu is an Associate Professor in the Electrochemical Materials (ELM) section at DTU Energy. His research interests lie in the fundamental understanding of working mechanisms of electrocatalysts and development of electrocatalysts and electrochemical devices for sustainable energy production and utilization with applications in fuel cells, electrolysis, and power-to-X (P2X).    Currently, he is leading the research efforts in five projects (Villum-CAT3D (2024-2029), EU-Sustaincell (2023-2029), DFF-RADICAL (2023-2027), IFD-MakeFCLast (2023-2027), DTU POC-P2X TEST (2024)) 1) to investigate and develop electrocatalysts for 4e/2e oxygen reduction and evolution reactions, 2) to carry out in-situ/operando studies of the catalysts under industrial working conditions and 3) to explore radical strategies to overcome the fundamental barriers for more active and stable electrocatalysts. He teaches two courses at DTU Energy, i.e., MSc course 47305 Electrochemistry and PhD course 47514 Advanced Electrochemistry.    He is enthusiastic about starting new collaborations for joint studies or project proposals. He welcomes students passionate about electrocatalysis, synthesis and testing of nanomaterials, or in-situ/operando characterizations to carry out special courses, MSc thesis, PhD, or postdoc projects.