Christine Ipsen

Christine Ipsen


Institut for Teknologi, Ledelse og Økonomi

Division for Innovation
Sektion for Implementation and Performance Management

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet


Bygning 358, rum 119

2800 Kgs. Lyngby


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Nøgleord Management and Leadership | Psycho-social work environment | Knowledge management | Intervention Studies | Organizational design | Digitalisation | Employee participation | Distance management

Christine Ipsen is associated professor at DTU Management and Head of the research group the "Implementation and Performance Management" group. 

She is specialized in interventions in knowledge work to ensure productivity and well-being in tandem and has written a large number of publications about participatory interventions in knowledge work.

Her research addressees the needs of managers and employees in knowledge intensive work and advances the knowledge about the how to develop knowledge work, processes and management to ensure productivity and well-being, implement the changes and the challenges and benefits. She has co-developed the Fish-Bone method, a participatory tool to explore what creates enthusiam and strain at a workplace and an Evaluation tool, to continuously evaluate the progress of an intervention and implementaion of changes.   

Christine Ipsen is:

- Co-editor of the International Journal of Workplace Health Management

- Member of the Editiorial Board of Safety Science.

- Affiliated with University of Massachusetts- Lowell, US and the Center for Promotion of Health in New England Workplacees (CPH-NEW).

- Vice-chair of the Scandinavian Academy of Industrial Engineering and Management -

- From 2012 -2016 she was head of the PhD school of DTU MAN.


Regarding teaching, Christine Ipsen is course responsible for DTU's mega-course - Technology, Management, Organization and Business Models where approx. 1000 masters students are registered each year. The couses teaches the students the importance of connecting technology with organizational performance and competitive advantage and how to analyse and develop solid solutions to this.

Christine Ipsen is masters of Science (2001) and received her PhD (2007) for her study of the characteristics of knowledge work and how to develop the workprocesses to ensure improved well-being. 


Research interest:

Sustainable management - managing organizational performance and employee well-being in tandem

Interventions and organizational change 

- Intervention leadership 

- Design of participatory tools 

- Organizational design

Development of work processes in knowledge work

Knowledge work and Knowledge management

Distance management and work

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