Mette Martina Broholm


Mette Martina Broholm

Institut for Miljø- og Ressourceteknologi

Bygning 115 Rum 160






My research field is fate and transport of contaminants in soil and groundwater and remediation technologies for contaminated soil and groundwater. Recently this has primarily involved natural attenuation of contaminants in fractured clay till aquitards and sand and limestone aquifers, enhanced in situ biological and chemical degradation of chlorinated solvents and innovative investigation methods for solvent DNAPL. KeywordsBiodegradationBioremediationChlorinated solventsCoal tar compoundsContaminant migrationcontaminated soil and groundwaterDiffusion controlled transportDNAPLsFractured aquifersFractured aquitardsGroundwater remediationIn situ remediationInvestigation of contaminated soil and groundwaterNatural attenuation of contaminantsOrganic compoundsPesticidesPhytoscreeningRisk assessmentSorptionSpecific degradersStable isotopes