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Stilling Sted Frist
Postdoc in Hydrodynamic Response Analysis of Floating Wind Turbines DTU Vindenergi 24 AUG 19
12 Postdoc positions in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Blockchain Innovation og Sektorudvikling 25 AUG 19
Senior Researcher in Hygenic Design and Food Technology DTU Fødevareinstituttet 25 AUG 19
Linux System Administrator for HPC IT Service 25 AUG 19
Postdoc in Satellite Altimetry for Inland Water DTU Space 25 AUG 19
PhD Scholarship in Renewable Energy Forecasting DTU Elektro 25 AUG 19
Administrationschef DTU Fysik 25 AUG 19
Assistant Professor in Fisheries Science and Technology DTU Aqua 26 AUG 19
Postdoc in Trusted Cloud Computing and Software Security DTU Compute 26 AUG 19
Postdoc in Adversarial Machine Learning for Cyber-Security DTU Compute 26 AUG 19
Postdoc in Secure Systems Design and Analysis based on the use of Trusted Computing Technologies DTU Compute 26 AUG 19
Sekretær til forskningscenter DTU Kemiteknik 27 AUG 19
PhD studentship positions for Doing Fundamental Studies Generating and using Mass-Selected Cluster/Nanoparticles for Conversion of Sustainable Energy DTU Fysik 30 AUG 19
Post doc in Fisheries Technology DTU Aqua 30 AUG 19
PhD Scholarship in Identifying Oxysterol-Interacting Proteins through Specific Degradation DTU Kemi 30 AUG 19