Ledige stillinger

Stilling Sted Frist
Industrial PhD scholarship in Microbial Water Quality in Recirculating Showers DTU Miljø 20 JAN 21
Montrice/elektronikmedarbejder DTU Space 20 JAN 21
PhD scholarship in Fluid dynamics, evolution, and ecology of flagellate foraging DTU Aqua 20 JAN 21
Postdoc in Computational Protein Science DTU Kemi 20 JAN 21
Research Assistant in Configuration Systems DTU Management 20 JAN 21
IT Supporter IT Service 21 JAN 21
Projektleder til design- og byggegruppe DTU Aqua 21 JAN 21
Project manager in EU networking and support for public health reference laboratory functions for antimicrobial resistance DTU Fødevareinstituttet 21 JAN 21
Student Assistant at DTU DYNSYS DTU Compute 21 JAN 21
Technical Leader – Data and Knowledge Engineering Center for Biosustainability 22 JAN 21
IT-supporterelev DTU Bioengineering 22 JAN 21
PhD scholarship in Contact Dynamics for Micro Acoustic Devices DTU Mekanik 22 JAN 21
PhD scholarship in Super Resolution Ultrasound Imaging DTU Sundhedsteknologi 22 JAN 21
Two PhD Fellowship Positions in Extragalactic Astronomy DTU Space 25 JAN 21
PhD scholarship in establishing non-conventional yeasts as superior cell factories for recombinant protein production from complex feedstocks DTU Bioengineering 25 JAN 21