Be part of a collaborative project

Co-financed research is research that serves to expand the knowledge base of the university as well as the company.

Generally, co-financed research is financed by means of the company’s and DTU’s contribution of resources to the project.

The project may also be co-financed with the help of external funds, for example funds provided by Innovation Fund Denmark. The contribution of government funds means that the final results of the project must benefit society as a whole.

In the budget of a co-financed research project, funds are allocated to cover DTU’s overhead costs.

Co-financed research agreements concluded by DTU are subject to a number of conditions:

  • DTU is only allowed to participate in a co-financed project if DTU has a research-related interest in the project.
  • The results created by DTU through the project will remain the property of DTU. DTU is entitled to transfer the right to exploit the results commercially if the transfer is on market terms.
  • DTU must have the possibility of publishing its own research results.
  • DTU cannot guarantee that the project will lead to results that may be applied by the company.
  • DTU is obliged to limit its liability and cannot take out a liability insurance policy.