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Commissioned research is research conducted on commercial terms. Research of this kind must derive naturally from DTU’s normal activities and may, depending on the circumstances, be of research-related interest or merely consist of a commercial utilisation of DTU’s expertise or equipment. This may, for example, include sale of consultancy services, analyses, measurements, and testing.

Commissioned research must be financed in full by the company ordering the research.

Financing provided by the company must cover DTU’s total direct and overhead costs.

According to DTU’s internal guidelines, the overhead budget for the project must, as a rule, be fixed at 200% of payroll costs.

A commissioned research agreement may include a number of terms that differ from the terms set out in co-financed research agreements:

  • DTU may assign the rights to DTU’s results and consider the payment for the results to be included of the company’s financing of the project.
  • DTU may keep confidential its own results from the commissioned research.
  • DTU has insurance to cover any product liability as well as professional liability.


Jes Herbert

Jes Herbert General Counsel, Head of Legal & Technology Transfer Office for Research, Advice and Innovation