Scientific advice

It is DTU's ambition is to be a preferred Danish and international provider of scientific advisory services to public sector authorities and international institutions in the fields of life science and the technical and natural sciences.  

DTU provides scientific advice based on new and existing research by recognized researchers and experts using advanced state-of-the-art research infrastructure with the view to providing the authorities and institutions with scientifically founded and robust decision-making.

DTU employs a holistic approach to solving tasks and combines the relevant competencies across academic disciplines. This ensures synergy and quality in the services supplied.

The increasing globalization of f ex the food sector means that public sector assignments are becoming increasingly international in nature. At the same time, we are facing a range of health and environmental issues that demand transnational solutions. Effective scientific advice therefore requires an ever-closer partnership with international organisations and foreign research institutions.

At international level, DTU delivers scientific advice to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the European Space Agency (ESA). In addition, DTU has partnership agreements with the UN World Health Organization (WHO), and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

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Head of Sector Consultancy and Networks
Office for Innovation and Sector Services
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Christine Rich
Team Manager, Sector Services
Office for Innovation and Sector Services
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