Collaboration with the public sector

The core of DTU’s scientific advice is to provide public authorities and companies with a robust decision-making basis rooted in the latest research.

If you as a public authority need scientific advice, DTU can offer a wide range of services and collaboration models. These services include advice, monitoring, knowledge and laboratory resources, methodology development, and capacity expansion for the State, regions, and municipalities, as well as international institutions.

DTU wants its research and knowledge to benefit society and that the University is a preferred national and international provider of scientific advice. Scientific advice which is one of DTU’s core services is a term for the research-based services that DTU provides to national and international authorities and companies.

DTU makes its vast academic and specialist knowledge and expertise in the technical and natural sciences available to national and international authorities and private players. Through DTU’s scientific advice, the University contributes to reliable, certain, and impartial knowledge that can support the decision-making process, for example risk assessments and knowledge about the technologies of the future.

One example of such collaboration is the Danish initiatives aimed at combating salmonella in Danish poultry. Here, close collaboration between DTU, the authorities, and the food industry has handled the occurrence of salmonella and improved the industry’s export opportunities significantly.


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DTU's approach to research-based advice