Collaboration with students

There are various opportunities for entering into collaboration with students at DTU. We can help regardless of whether this concerns a project or a position, or whether you want to brand your company vis-à-vis students at DTU.

Engineers from DTU are in high demand, making it a good investment to spot talents and collaborate with students already before they have completed their studies. In this way, you optimize your chances of getting hold of the very best engineers, while your company also gains access to the latest, research-based knowledge. In addition, you get employees who have an innovative, solution-oriented approach to challenges and workflows - and who have lots of zest, drive, and energy - all of which can contribute to generating value in your company.

DTU Career Centre can help you

Would you like to collaborate with engineering students or otherwise enter into a dialogue with them? Then contact DTU Career Centre. DTU Career Centre organizes professionally relevant activities, networking events, other events, and activity offers for the students at DTU, and we can guide you and your company in deciding which of DTU’s activities suit precisely your needs and requirements.

Meet the students

If for example you want to make your company visible to DTU’s engineering students and recruit students for internships, study jobs, etc., you are welcome at both Campus Lyngby and Campus Ballerup. Here, you can for example distribute flyers, provide information about career opportunities with your company, hold competitions, or other activities. Visiting DTU is free of charge, but it requires that you make an appointment with the Career Centre in advance.

If you want to visit DTU to give a career-oriented presentation to DTU students and meet the students, the Career Centre can help you with the marketing and with finding a place where you can hold your event.

DTU CareerWeek

In addition, DTU Career Centre organizes DTU CareerWeek every autumn. As a company, you have the opportunity to meet the students during DTU CareerWeek and give good tips to those who want to apply for a job with companies in your sector.

We are looking forward to advising you and helping you create contacts with our highly talented engineering students.

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