Internship for BEng students

DTU’s BEng programme is an industry and application-oriented programme. The students are therefore able to bring their academic knowledge to the table in finding solutions to engineering problems and development tasks.

All BEng students must do an internship with a company as part of their study programme. The internship lasts five months and is placed at the end of the students’ study programme.

The purpose of the internship is that the student acquires practical experience in a company. The student will thus have the opportunity to use his or her already acquired specialist knowledge and skills, and develop his or her professional competences. The company will have specific engineering tasks performed on the basis of the latest specialist knowledge in the field.

Having a BEng student intern can:

  • strengthen recruitment of competent labour for your company.
  • result in the student doing his or her final project in collaboration with your company.
  • mean that your company has tasks performedthat it would otherwise not be possible to manage.
  • give your company access to new specialist knowledge in the field.
  • create awareness of your company among BEng students.

To have a BEng intern, the company must provide the following:

  • Relevant engineering tasks
  • A supervisor with a degree from a relevant higher education programme
  • A workstation and necessary equipment

Prior to the start of the internship, the internship host company must be approved by the internship coordinator for the study programme.

Employment and pay conditions

The internship is a salaried internship. As at 1 January 2024, the recommended salary is DKK 16.200 per month, see the Danish Society of Engineers, IDA.

During the internship, the student works on an equal footing and together with the company’s other employees. The student thus participates in the daily routines and performs tasks based on the company’s portfolio of assignments.

The student is employed by the company during the internship. To ensure that the parties agree on the framework of the internship including confidentiality and rights, a contract is drawn up between the company and the student.

Further information and guidance

Is your company interested in having a BEng student intern, or do you have any questions?

If so, you are welcome to either create a posting at DTU Career Hub or contact:

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