Employ an engineering student

The part-time MSc programme allows your company to employ an engineering student and thus get a committed and qualified employee who is continuously up to date on the latest knowledge in his or her field.

The part-time MSc programme is a scheme under which a company can employ a BSc graduate from DTU in a four-year position of minimum 25 hours a week, while the student completes an MSc programme (Master of Science in Engineering (MSc Eng) on a part-time basis.

DTU offers part-time MSc programmes in all its MSc study lines (MSc Eng) except Aquatic Science and Technology (MSc Eng) and Master of Science (MSc) in Technology Entrepreneurship (Danish title: cand.tech.)  

What does my company get from employing a part-time MSc student?
An employee who already has competences at bachelor level and who is continuously improving in his or her field.

Access to the latest research-based knowledge which the student acquires during his or her studies.

A student who, with his or her attachment to the company, builds up an in-depth business understanding.

Requirements for a position as part-time MSc student
A requirement for employing a part-time MSc student is that your company must offer a study-relevant position with minimum 25 working hours a week seen over the year. The student must be an integral part of the workplace in line with full-time employees, and this must be reflected in the student’s salary.

In addition, the working hours should be organized with due consideration for the student’s study programme. This may mean that there are periods in which the employee works significantly less than the 25 hours per week—and vice versa.

How do I employ a part-time MSc student in my company?
If your company is interested in employing a DTU student in a position as a part-time MSc student, you need to post a vacancy targeted at a specific part-time MSc programme. The position will then be created in DTU’s job bank

What is a part-time MSc programme?
A part-time MSc programme is a two-year MSc programmes organized as a four-year part-time study programme in which the student works in a public organization or a private company concurrently with his or her studies.

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Trylle Arnfred

Trylle Arnfred Senior Executive Officer and PA for Lars D. Christoffersen Office for Study Programmes and Student Affairs Phone: +45 45251007