Facilities on Ballerup Campus

DTU Ballerup Campus has a student canteen, a library, and a bookstore that are freely available to all students. As a student you also have access to Portalen and CampusNet, which will be an indispensable part of your studies. 

DTU Library

Photo: Stig Nørhald

DTU Ballerup Campus also houses the Technical Library of Copenhagen, which forms part of DTU Library. The library—centrally located on campus—offers a range of facilities, including access to databases with collections of articles, booking of study rooms, laptop computers, and e-book readers.

Read more about the library on Ballerup Campus.

Student canteen and café

Photo: Mikal Schlosser

The canteen offers a wide range of internationally inspired dishes and traditional Danish food. Here you will always find a varied salad bar, fish at least once a week and often halal-slaughtered meat. The bright spacious canteen area is the ideal place to sit back and enjoy your lunch.

The canteen is open from 8 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. (friday until 1 p.m).

Contact: Tel. 35885066, e-mail: 5190@fazerfoodco.dk


Photo: Mikal Schlosser

The bookshop is the students’ own and its policy is clear: Students must be able to get all the books on the curriculum list and at reasonable prices.

Apart from necessary books, the bookshop stocks a selection of, for example, computer literature, calculators, accessories and material for handing in assignments. The bookshop is also available to order other books on request.

Your student card gives you a 10% discount on most textbooks.

Find the opening hours for Polytechnic Bookstore here. If you do not have time to stop by, you can send an email to poly@polyteknisk.dk.

Innovation Centre

Photo: Mikkel Adsbøl

The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship focuses on creating growth in society and is particularly targeted at small and medium-sized companies. Learn more about the centre.

Laboratories and test facilities

DTU Ballerup Campus has excellent laboratories, test facilities, classrooms, group rooms, and auditoriums.

Facilities include an automization laboratory, a high-voltage laboratory, and an extensive tool workshop.

One of the latest additions is Prototype Lab - a prototype workshop where students can work on developing their own prototypes.

As a student at DTU, you have 24/7 access to the lab with 3D printers, 3D scanners, cutters, injection molding machines, laser cutters and more. During the day hours Monday-Friday, engineering assistants are ready to help with advice and guidance.