The Classical Degree of Doctor Technices

The degree of Doctor Technices (dr.techn.) is the highest academic distinction within engineering and technological science in Denmark.

The dr.techn. degree is granted on the basis of a thesis that demonstrates the author’s considerable scientific insight and maturity as well as how the author, based on the thesis, has brought the scientific community a significant step forward. DTU has been granting the degree of Doctor Technices since 1918. At the end of 2013, DTU has granted 215 dr.techn. degrees.

The thesis should not be longer than necessary and should include only those articles that have made a significant impact in the candidate’s field.

If you wish to submit a dissertation for consideration for the degree of dr.techn., its academic field must be represented at DTU. Furthermore, according to the Ministerial Order on Doctoral Degrees § 3, section 2 “The doctoral degree shall be awarded in acknowledgement of the author’s considerable scientific insight and maturity, and of the author having contributed substantially to the advancement of science with the dissertation.” If this is the case, the dissertation will be accepted for assessment at DTU.

Honorary Doctorates
Since 1921, DTU has been conferring the degree of Doctor Technices honoris causa to individuals who fulfill the requirements for obtaining the Doctor Technices degree and have made an important contribution to DTU. Since 2000 the Honorary Doctorates is awarded at DTU’s Annual commemoration Day.

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