Chip technology

DTU's clean room provides reassurance for chip manufacturers

The startup SBT Instruments rents DTU's clean room in order to produce measuring chips for its customers and avoid supply problems and fluctuating quality.

Keeping the production in DTU´s clean room in Denmark gives CEO and co-founder of SBT Instruments Gustav Skands control of quality and supply. Photo: Mikal Schlosser.

Chip technology

The clean room at DTU is Denmark's only large-scale cleanroom, and is used both by high-tech companies outside DTU and by students who, as part of their degree programmes or research projects, need an advanced clean room to produce nano- and microtechnology.

There’s an increasing demand for facilities for chip production across the world, and we’re also experiencing this at DTU, where four companies are queuing up and many of the current users want more space. In addition, a certain buffer capacity is needed in the clean room so that researchers can apply to carry out new projects and document to foundations that they can do their research in the clean room.

DTU Nanolab, the National Centre for Nanofabrication and Characterization, provides access to advanced developments in micro- and nanotechnology and plays a key role in the field in Denmark and abroad.

In a new proposal drawn up together with the Confederation of Danish Industry and the Danish Metal Workers’ Union, DTU calls for the government to enter into a public-private collaboration and invest in an expansion of existing laboratory facilities.  The expansion of the clean room will ensure that Denmark achieves market and supply security in a technology area that is vital for companies.

Chip technology

Microchips have become a key technology in the digital society. Denmark needs strong research environments and a large-scale clean room for chip production in order to be able to develop the nano- and microchips of the future. Read DTU's theme on chip technology.