Quantum Technology

Quantum technology for mobile phone encryption is coming

DTU spin-out company develops quantum mechanical random number generator that must be reduced to chip size to be included in the electronics in mobile phones.

Ulrik Lund Andersen. Foto: Bax Lindhard
Professor Ulrik Lund Andersen, DTU, shows the latest version of a quantum mechanical randomness generator, which must be reduced in chip size in order to be included in the electronics of mobile phones. Photo: Bax Lindhardt.

Denmark has a strong research environment with several world-class research centres specializing in quantum-secure cryptography. An increasing number of small and medium-sized enterprises also work in the sector.

The quantum technology market is large if Denmark can translate its research strengths into commercial products and solutions. In the report ‘Quantum-related Cybersecurity in Denmark’ from 2022, Danish universities and companies estimate that if, for example, Denmark captures 5 per cent of the estimated global market for quantum technology solutions in cybersecurity and network technology in 2040, it is estimated that this could generate DKK 5.5 billion in revenue and create 3,300 new jobs.

In addition to the market for security technologies, long-distance quantum communication will lead to a wealth of new opportunities in quantum technology, secure cloud quantum computing, and quantum sensing.


Source: The report ‘Quantum-related cybersecurity in Denmark’ is a joint research project between the Niels Bohr Institute, DTU, KMD, IBM, Danish Chamber of Commerce, the Danish ICT Industry Association, and KPMG. The project has been supported by a Cyberboost grant from Cyber Hub, funded by the Danish Industry Foundation. October 2022

Quantum technology is an area of rapid growth. Researchers at DTU are focusing on three areas of technology: Quantum communication and data security; ultra sensitive quantum sensors; and the development of quantum computers. This is done through both basic research and development of technologies that can be used by businesses and government alike, which are both showing strong interest in the field.

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