Allan Larsen

Professor, Vicedivisionsleder, Sektionsleder

Allan Larsen

Institut for Teknologi, Ledelse og Økonomi

Sektion for Operations & Supply Chain Management, Division for Management Science


Bygning 358 Rum 138

2800 Kgs. Lyngby





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Allan Larsen is a Professor in Operations and Supply Chain Management. Allan heads the Operations and Supply Chain Management Section at the Department of Technology, Management and Economics (DTU Management) at the Technical University of Denmark.  Allan Larsen holds an MSc degree in Engineering in Applied Mathematics and a PhD in Operations Research from the Technical University of Denmark. Allan Larsen's research applies operations methodologies such as mathematical programming (meta)-heuristics, and simulations to complex planning problems within supply chain management, logistics and healthcare operations management. Specific research interests include; freight transport and logistics, urban freight transport (city logistics), healthcare supply chains and logistics, and optimisation within public transport, i.e. planning and optimisation of resources such as crew and fleets. Allan Larsen teaches the course "42587 Introduction to Operations Management and Supply Chain Management" at the undergraduate level to DTU's BSc students. Allan teaches the MSc course "42417 Simulation in Operations Management" at the graduate level.  Also, Allan Larsen has a long experience in collaboration with Danish and international industries, especially the freight transport and logistics sector. Previously, Allan has been co-directing the Transport DTU research centre and co-chairing the Transport Innovation Network of Denmark.