Mikael Jensen


Mikael Jensen

Institut for Sundhedsteknologi

Frederiksborgvej 399

Bygning 202 Rum S30

4000 Roskilde




Name:     Kai Mikael Jensen Born:       16.juli 1951 Education  1970-1979 Master of Science from the Niels Bohr Institute ( University of Copenhagen ) in Mathematics and physics. Majoring in experimental nuclear physics Employment and achievements: December 1979-March 1980 : Temporary ad hoc training position as physicist, Dept.Nucl.Medicine, University Hospital of Copenhagen.  April 1980-March 1981 employed at Niels Bohr Insti­tuttet funded by the Danish Medical Research Counsil . The project aimed at the development of production systems for medical Rb81/Kr81m generators. April 1981 - November 1986 employed as key scientist at Niels Bohr Instituttets (Cyclotron Dept.) with the task of developing and producing medical useful radioisotopes. The fruitful production record (Rb-81, I-123, F-18, In-111, Gd-153,...) was supplemented with physics teaching at all levels of university physics. Qualified person for the medical isotope programe at Niels Bohr Institute 1985-1993. April 1985 to November 1986 associate professor Niels Bohr Institute.  November 1986-december 1989 research fellow (physics) at dept. of Magnetic Resonance at University Hospital of Copenhagen,Hvidovre. Responsible for the development of volume selective in-vivo spectroscopy at the first superconductiong whole body NMR installations in Denmark. January 1990 -August 2001 Chief physicist at dept.of Nuclear Medicine at University of Copenhagen. Planning, creation and operation of the first PET center in Denmark. Responsible and qualified person for the cyclotron and radiopharmaceutical production. October 2001 to January 2003 Assistant professor, Dept of Mathematics and Physics, Royal Vetrinary and Agricultural University , Copenhagen . February 2003-2013 Senior research scientist at Risø National Laboratory. Responsible for the creation of a new, goverment financed  research facility at Risø for development of new biomedical tracers (The Hevesy Laboratory)Since the establishement working as senior reseracher same place , under head of programme Lars Martiny.   Production manager for the medical isotope production at Risø. Joint author of the marketing authorization for FDG. Qualified Person for Hevesy Lab pharmaceutical production March 2013 to present Professor in Applied Nuclear Physics at DTU-NUTECH (former Risø). Januar 2005-2015 alsoProfessor (Adjungeret professor,Niels Bohr Institute, formerly also KVL /KU-Life Science). May 2005- present: Member of various IAEA Expert Groups, CRPs and training missions. Member of International Advisory Board, WTTC