Mirko Salewski


Mirko Salewski

Institut for Fysik


Bygning 309 Rum 146

2800 Kgs. Lyngby



Mirko Salewski


turbulence and instabilities fast-ion D-alpha spectroscopy tomography energetic particle physics fusion energy gamma-ray spectroscopy neutron emission spectroscopy plasma physics collective Thomson scattering ion cyclotron emission fast-ion loss detectors

Most of my research is on developing fusion energy into a future energy source. I work with measurements of energetic particles in fusion plasmas and am particularly interested in measuring the 2D velocity distribution of the energetic particles by tomography (see my dr.techn. thesis). New developments include orbit tomography and neural networks. The measurements are made on the tokamaks JET, ASDEX Upgrade, DIII-D, EAST, MAST and TCV by fast-ion D-alpha spectroscopy, collective Thomson scattering, neutron emission spectrometry, gamma-ray spectroscopy, neutral particle analyzers, fast-ion loss detectors, and ion cyclotron emission diagnostics. I have been appointed ITER Scientist Fellow and serve as Chair for the ITPA Topical Group on Energetic Particle Physics that organizes a wordwide research programme to support the ITER tokamak. I enjoy teaching BSc-, MSc- and PhD-level courses and teach at the moment Electromagnetism for Physicists, Plasma Physics, and the Physics of Sports. Weblinks: my ResearcherID, my GoogleScholar.