Lars Pilgaard Mikkelsen


Lars Pilgaard Mikkelsen

Institut for Vind og Energisystemer

DTU Vindenergi COM_All (F2), DTU Wind Materials and Components Division (WMC)

Frederiksborgvej 399

Bygning 101 Rum S42

4000 Roskilde



Lars Pilgaard Mikkelsen


Udmattelse af kompositter Kompressionsstyrke af kompositter Finite element metoden Materialekarakterisering Ulineær materialemodellering 3D x-ray tomography[remove]

Fields of interest: My field of interest is numerical finite elements simulations and experimental characterization of polymer matrix composites where the focus is on the fatigue and compression behavior of wind turbine blade materials. A work involving the use of the commercial FE-code Abaqus together with user-defined subroutines as well as advanced characterization technics such as 3D x-ray tomography. Has throughout the years worked with non-linear buckling and collapse of shell structures relevant for crash-worthiness applications as well as tensile instabilities simulations used in necking predictions during hydro-forming and strain gradient dependent plasticity models. Has as well been involved in a number of medico inspired problems as well as in general finite element based projects predicting the influence of non-linear materials behavior on the structural behavior.  Publications: You can find a list of my publications in the following link: List of publications Teaching: Information about my involvment in teaching (both onsite and e-learning) can be found in the following link: List of Teaching Supervision: If you would like to make a project in my field of interest, you are very welcome to contact me. You can see a list of the PhD and Master thesis projects where I have been supervisor in the following link: Supervision by me.  Memeberships: Member of the study board at DTU Wind Energy (intranet link) Member of the Scientific Council, Danish Center for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics Member of the NAFEMS Nordic Steering Committee Editor for Wind Energy Science Journal Administrator for an Abaqus Usergroup on Facebook Links to my profiles Publons Scopus Researchgate Mendeley Google Scholar Linkedin