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Peter Bøggild

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Curriculum Vitae for Peter Bøggild Personal details 29th of January 1967. Copenhagen, Denmark. Working adress and info DTU Nanotech Department of Micro- and Nanotechnology Ørsteds Plads, Building 345 east, Technical University of Denmark Phone: +45 21 36 27 98, Fax: +45 45 88 77 62 E-mail: peter.boggild@nanotech.dtu, www: www.nanotech.dtu.dk/nanocarbon Research interests My research group, NANOCARBON, focus almost entirely on graphene and other 2D materials: basic properties and applications, fabrication and characterisation of devices (electronic, sensor), production of large-area graphene, nanopatterning and nanolithography, band gap engineering, graphene as a passivating coatings, nanorobotics/mechatronics, metrology and standards, molecular electronics. I am also very interested in surface and interface physics. Education and training 2013-2014 University pedagogical training course for experienced teachers at DTU 2009 SVUD 09 Peer Coaching (mentor course) 1998 Ph.D. in low temperature physics, University of Copenhagen 1994     M.Sc. in physics and computer science, Roskilde University Postgraduate positions held 2013- Professor at DTU Nanotech, Technical University of Denmark 2001-2013 Associate professor at DTU Nanotech, Technical University of Denmark 1998–2001 Assistant professor at MIC (now DTU Nanotech), Technical University of Denmark Awards 2009 AEG Elektronprisen 2009 (DKK 50000) 1999 GN Store Nords rejselegat  (DKK 25000) Teaching and supervision Supervision 44 MSc and 23 PhD students including ongoing projects. Six former postdocs and PhD students now hold associate prof. / senior researcher positions. PhD opponent 13 defenses in 5 countries Courses Created, Coordination and teaching in Nano-2  Nanosystems Engineering (2003-) Co-Created, teaching in Nano-3  Topics in graphene and other 2-dimensional systems (2013­-) Co-Created, Co-coordination and teaching in “Introduction to Nanolithography” (2004-) C2D – Challenges in 2D Materials PhD School – organizer (incl. J. Hone, M. Terrones as lecturers). Nominated for Teacher of the Year award in 2013 (at DTU). Teacher in various courses at DTU and summerschools: Nano 1 – introduction to nanotechnologu, BEST summer schools, Micro- and Nanofabrication (DTU), Projects in Nanosystems Engineering (DTU) Project leadership and management experience 2013- DSF DAGATE research alliance – Coordinator/leader,  and workpackage leader (WP2) 2013- NMP GLADIATOR – workpackage leader (WP4) 2013- HTF NIAGRA – workpackage leader (WP1) 2012- NSF CoE Center for Nanostructured Graphene – WP leader (WP5 and WP7), co-applicant. 2010-2013 FP7 ICT NANOBITS – workpackage leader, initiator. 2009-2012 FP7 NMP TECHNOTUBES (IP) – workpackage leader 2008-2011 FTP Nanoengineered graphene devices, coordinator/leader 2006-2009 FP6 ICT Nanohand (IP) – workpackage leader 2005-2008 FP6 NMP NANORAC – workpackage leader 2002-2005 FTP NANOHAND – “talent project”, project leader 2001-2003 IST ATOMS (European project) – workpackage leader Recent invited talks 2014 3M Nano conference in Taipei,Taiwan,  “2D or not 2D – Electrical continuity of graphene and how to measure it” (keynote) 2014 Graphene and related materials, Univ. of Exeter, “2D or not 2D – Electrical continuity of graphene” (invited) 2013 ISFOE 2013 “Noninvasive conductance mapping of large-area graphene - a new light on defects”, Thessalonikki, Greece (invited) 2012 NANOTEC12, “Multiscale conductance mapping and nanoscale patterning of graphene”, Sussex, UK (invited) 2012 MPA-2012 Development in materials, processes and applications of emerging technologies in Alvor, Portugal (invited) “Synthesis of nanostructures in and outside electron microscopes” 2011 PHD NANO 2011 Nano Connect Scandinavia in Copenhagen – “Trends in nanotechnology” (invited) 2011 3M Nano conference in Changchun, China – “Microtools for 3D nanomanipulation“ (invited plenary) 2011 Atomic structure of Nanosystems, Helsinki “Insitu nanoparticles etching of graphene” (keynote) 2011 GRAPHITA 2011, Gran Sasso, Italy  – “Insitu nanoparticles etching of graphene” (NanoTP keynote) 2010 PHD NANO 2010 Nano Connect Scandinavia in Göteborg, Sweden – “Applications in Wonderland: turning graphene into technology” (invited) 2010 First Japanese-Finnish workshop on carbon and boron nitride nanostructures, Helsinki – “Cutting graphene in the envorinmental TEM” (invited) 2008 SMART systems integration in 2008 in Barcelona – “ Very small scale integration – a step by step tutorial in robotic nanomanipulation“ (tutorial) 2007 MNE 2007 Micro and Nano Engineering in Copenhagen– “Toolkit for manipulation and characterization of nanostructures “ (invited) Recent collaborative projects 2013-2017 FP7-NMP-LARGE GLADIATOR, WP leader ( 35 Mkr / 10 Mkr) -(Total / DTU funding) 2013-2023 FET FLAGSHIP 1 Graphene– (54 kEuro / 7 Mkr) 2013-2018  HTF NIAGRA -Nationalt Initiativ for Avancerede Grafén Coatings og Kompositter High Technology Fund platform, WP leader, 1 postdoc (20 Mkr / 3.9 Mkr ) 2013-2017 DSF DA-GATE – Danish Alliance for Graphene Application Technology and Engineering, Research Alliance, Danish Science Foundation, main applicant,coordinator, 2 phd, 1 postdocs (20 MDkr / 6 Mkr) 2012-2018 DNRF CoE Center for Nanostructured Graphene”, center of excellence, Natural Science Foundation, 6 years (+4), WP leader (2 WPs), 1 postdoc, 2 phd, (54 Mkr / 5 MDkr), co-applicant 2011-2014 FTP GMOL - Graphene as electrodes for molecular electronics”, WP leader, 1 PhD (5.7 MDkr/ 2MDkr). I initated and defined the project, and wrote most of the application. 2011-2015 FP7-NMP GRAFOL (EU, large scale IP), (49 MDkr, 2.2MKr) 2010-2013 FP7-ICT NANOBITS - Exchangeable and Customizable Scanning Probe tips, WP leader,  (19 MDkr / 4.7 MDkr ), co-applicant 2010-2013 VTUNanovation – Innovative industrial exploitation of nanotechnology”, (Innovation Cons.), WP leader, (50 MDkr/ 3.8 MDkr) 2009-2012 FP7 NMPTechnotubes – Technology for Wafer-Scale carbon nanotube applications”, (large scale IP), WP leader, (40 MDkr/3MDkr) Selected professional activities 2010-2015 Cofounder, organising committee and program committee of international conference Carbonhagen, as well as 2 carbon-research workshops in 2009 2010-2012 Member of organising committee for DTU student conference Grøn Dyst in 2010 and 2012 2012- Member of DTU work group “IT in education” steering group at DTU 2012- National contact point for FET Graphene Flagship 2012 Member of Scientific committee of 3M NANO conference 2012 2003-2010 Member of program committee (solid state phys.), Danish Physical Society 2010-2013 Assessment of 3 assistant, associate professors /senior researchers at DTU and SDU 1999-2014 Outreach: Coordinator and lecturer at Folkeuniversitetet outreach course (peoples university), 3 courses., numerous popular talks about robotics, nanotechnology and nanoscience for public and high schools. +100 blogs and newspaper articles in Danish Engineering News (“Nanoblogien”). Outreach lectures in “Danskernes Akademi” (2010) and TEDX talk (2013): “Exploring the extremities of Flatland”. Participation in science programs: Viden om and Vitek. Editor of outreach nanotechnology youtube channel “nanoclips” with 180000+ hits