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Stilling Sted Frist
Forskningsanalytiker til Kontoret for Forskning og Rådgivning Afdeling for Forskning- Rådgivning og Innovation (AFRI) 27 SEP 20
Software Engineer to world class R&D environment Center for Biosustainability 24 SEP 20
Bioinformatician with software engineering skills Center for Biosustainability 24 SEP 20
Postdoctoral Fellow in Transport Proteins Center for Biosustainability 30 SEP 20
Postdoc in Novel Bacterial Natural products Center for Biosustainability 15 OKT 20
Postdoctoral Fellow in Yeast Metabolomics Center for Biosustainability 30 SEP 20
PhD Scholarship in Fisheries Technology DTU Aqua 02 OKT 20
Postdoc in Design-based Stereology for Evaluation of Fish Fecundity DTU Aqua 28 SEP 20
PhD scholarship in Regional Oceanography DTU Aqua 24 SEP 20
PhD Scholarship in Fish Stock Assessment and Fisheries Dynamic Modelling Investigating Sustainability of Potential Mesopelagic Resource Exploitation DTU Aqua 01 NOV 20
PhD scholarship in Marine Ecosystem Modelling DTU Aqua 25 SEP 20
Postdoc in Ultrahigh throughput exploration of protein aggregation and assembly sequence space DTU Bioengineering 31 OKT 20
PhD position in the field of respiratory proteases is available in the section for Protein Science & Signaling Biology DTU Bioengineering 01 OKT 20
Postdoc position in electrochemistry-based point of use system for mapping the interaction between plant root and microbiome DTU Bioengineering 21 SEP 20
Postdoc in Operational Representation Learning DTU Compute 01 OKT 20