Application and deadlines for exchange students at DTU

Tuition is free for all exchange students studying at DTU through Erasmus+ or bilateral agreements.

Application process

If you have been nominated by your home university to become an exchange student at DTU, this is how you apply:

  1. Fill in an online application form.
  2. E-mail a PDF print or a scanned copy of the completed form to DTU together with supporting documents (see below).

Please do not forget that both the online application form and the supporting documents must be received before the deadline.


Deadlines for European students

  • Autumn semester (September-January):
    15 April
  • Spring semester (February-June):
    1 November

Deadlines for Overseas (non-European) students

  • Autumn semester (September-January):
    1 April
  • Spring semester (February-June)
    15 October

Supporting documents

Please be advised that DTU needs to be in possession of all of the following documents (must be in pdf format) before the deadline: 

  • A PDF print or a scanned copy of your application form for DTU's records
  • A certified copy of your transcript of grades from your home university
  • A document to prove your English language proficiency, e.g. a test result or a letter from your university. You should be at B2 level or better within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) or a similar level within another language test framework. Native speakers of English are not required to document their language proficiency. Students from universities where English is the teaching language are also exempt from documenting their language proficiency.
  • Your Learning Agreement, if you apply to become an Erasmus student (only for students from European universities). You are kindly required to fill in the standard information about the receiving institution (DTU) that you can find here. Please note that DTU will not sign the learning agreements until all applications have been processed. You should also be aware that a signed learning agreement is no guarantee that you will be offered to take the desired courses, as courses may be cancelled or oversubscribed, or you may not have the necessary prerequisites.