DTU's sustainability policy

DTU’s sustainability policy is a supplement to DTU’s 2020-2025 strategy Technology for People, whose three main objectives include sustainability.

DTU’s mission is to develop and apply the natural and technical sciences for the benefit of society. This means that in our work, we are committed to creating sustainable solutions that improve people’s lives, create value for society, and promote a sustainable use of resources.

The aim of the policy is to establish a common frame of reference for sustainability work at DTU. The policy sets out how DTU wishes to contribute to a sustainable transformation of society in words and actions, and how we work with sustainability in our research, management, and overall culture.

How DTU addresses sustainability

The objective of DTU’s work on sustainability is to meet current human needs without jeopardizing future generations’ opportunities to fulfil their needs. Our work is driven by a dedication to developing technology, knowledge, and partnerships that help society use the world’s resources in a sustainable way. We take a balanced view of sustainability, taking into account its social, economic, and environmental dimensions.

DTU sees engineering as key part of the solution

At DTU, we work in an interdisciplinary way to develop innovative solutions to the sustainability challenges facing the world. We focus on the interaction between the whole and its parts, and prioritize forms of cooperation that involve sharing knowledge and resources. We also offer advice and answers to questions about the relative sustainability of different solutions.

DTU develops and uses technology with responsibility and care

Technology can be a driving force for a sustainable transformation of society, and can contribute to a more inclusive society with broader access to knowledge, information, services, and sustainable products. DTU defends the principle that technology must be used with responsibility and care.

DTU works with external partners for the benefit of society

DTU is driven by our shared responsibility to ensure that society develops for the better. Through our many partnerships, we learn how technology makes a difference to people. This knowledge is necessary for our work, but we are also aware that the challenges of promoting sustainability cannot be solved by technology alone. Therefore, DTU sees technological developments in the wider contexts of social conditions, diversity, and ethical issues.

DTU integrates our sustainability work into our core tasks

DTU aims to fully integrate sustainability into the University’s research, management, and culture. This means that sustainability is incorporated into the University’s governance structures and is part of our organization-related dialogues.

DTU’s research addresses sustainability

We strive to achieve research breakthroughs and develop technologies that help people and contribute to a sustainable transformation of society. To this end, we view our research in terms of its environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

DTU’s degree programmes encourage students to seek sustainable solutions

DTU inspires all graduates to acquire knowledge and skills throughout their lives that enable them to support a sustainable transformation of society. This requires expertise, an innovative mindset, a global outlook, and a desire to promote engineering as an important part of solving our societal challenges.

DTU conducts innovative research and advises on sustainability

DTU supports a sustainable transformation of society through cooperation and responsible partnerships with companies, authorities, and organizations. We use the knowledge gained from our research and collaborations to provide a sound basis for our choices related to sustainability. DTU acts as a bridge builder, supports a strong ecosystem for entrepreneurship, and demonstrates sustainable solutions to society’s problems.

DTU puts its words into practice

DTU links our social impact with the way we are run and develop our organization. The University actively contributes to a sustainable transformation of society. To achieve this synergy, we strive to make DTU a living laboratory for sustainability.

DTU uses resources with care

In our operations, we consume resources wisely, support a sustainable working and study life, and make our campus facilities accessible to the public.

In our internal culture, we also work to integrate sustainability as a basic theme in our organizational dialogues and management. We see staff, students, and everyone with whom DTU interacts as contributors to a sustainable transformation of society. 

DTU follows up

Each year, DTU documents our work on sustainability. This is part of our annual cycle. The documentation is available to everyone, and the progress is supported by our organizational dialogues.

Entry into force

This sustainability policy was discussed by the Academic Council on 23 November 2020 and approved by the Executive Board on 16 December. It was presented to the Corporate Work Environmental Committee on 1 February and to the Cooperation and Joint Consultation Committee on 3 February.