Agreement templates

DTU has developed a number of agreement templates for use for the collaborations in which DTU participates.

The templates are our starting point for negotiations between companies and DTU. Universities are subject to some statutory basic legal conditions and frameworks when they enter into collaborations with private companies. DTU’s templates are designed in accordance with these acts and regulations.

See a schematic overview of DTU’s agreement templates [.pdf] (in Danish).

Below, you will find links to the agreements described.

Other templates

In addition to the above agreement templates, DTU also has a Non-disclosure agreement and a Material Transfer Agreement.

Non-disclosure agreement

A non-disclosure agreement should always be entered into before DTU and a company or another university begin to exchange confidential information on possible future collaboration. The exchange of confidential information may—for example—concern a possible future research project or the transfer of an invention, licensing of a patent or software.  The advantage of entering into a non-disclosure agreement is that it allows the parties to discuss the details of their future collaboration more freely.

Template for non-disclosure agreements [.pdf] (in Danish).

Material Transfer Agreement
This type of agreement is used where a company or university wishes to receive biological material from DTU for use in non-commercial research and teaching for a further defined purpose. DTU retains the right to the material, which is surrendered subject to confidentiality, but without guarantees. The purpose of receiving the material may be a company’s wish to test biological material in its products with a view to subsequent licensing of the material or the underlying rights.

Template for ‘Material Transfer Agreement’ [.pdf] (in Danish).

If you have any questions regarding our templates, please contact Legal Team 1.