Admission and enrolment

Anyone who has obtained the general entry qualifications required by DTU can apply for courses within Open University/single-course. If you are in doubt whether you have obtained sufficient qualifications, please get in touch with the contact person mentioned in the course description.  

Some of the courses accept a limited number of students as shown in the course base. These courses are only open to Open University/single-course students if there are vacant seats on the course after the deadline of application. Furthermore, Open University/single-course students may only enrol in courses taught under Open University. It is stated in the course description whether a course is taught under Open University or not.

You are NOT entitled to attend classes if you have not paid for the course, or if the course is fully booked by ordinary students.

Deadline of enrolment

Autumn semester

13-weeks period / autumn 1 August
3-weeks period/January 1 December

Spring semester 

13-weeks period/spring 1 January
3-weeks period/June 15 May

Acceptance letter

Within a period of 4-5 weeks after the deadline of enrolment you will receive a letter stating  whether you have been admitted or not.