The transition from a BSc/BEng to an MSc programme

When you complete your BSc programme or BEng programme and you are to start an MSc programme at DTU, there are some practical things that it may be a good idea to pay attention to. (Please note, that this information is aimed at applicants holding a qualifying degree acquired in Denmark.)

Study start and Introduction Week

You can find a lot of useful information about the study start under New at DTU - intro for MSc students.

It is a really good idea to attend DTU’s Introduction Week for new MSc students.

Here you will meet your new fellow students, you get to know each other, are entertained and engage in networking.

Read more and register for Introduction Week.

Early study start

When you have been offered admission/conditional admission to the MSc programme - and have thus also completed any supplementary courses—you may take courses from the MSc programme in the 3-week periods preceding the study start. If you are enrolled in the MSc programme by 1 February, you may therefore take a course in January, and if you are enrolled by 1 September, you may take courses in June, July, and August.

If you wish to apply for registration for courses before the formal study start of the MSc programme, you must write from your student email to and provide information about the course(s) - with statement of the course number(s) - that you are interested in taking.

You must apply for early study start no later than on 20 December and 14 days before the course start in the summer, respectively.

The Danish MSc Admissions Office will note that you take the course and change your enrolment date, before the Study Administration signs you up for the course (if you can, you must register for the course yourself via Study Planner ( within the registration and withdrawal deadlines (DTU Inside - requires login) for the teaching period in question, so remember to apply well in advance. 

Please note, that in most cases, you will not be able to sign up for the courses yourself through the Study planner. Even though you have been granted early study start you will not able to see the courses in your Study Planner. You will be able to see the course material in DTU Learn as soon as the course responsible activates the course. 

Transitional semester - for DTU students ONLY

Students lacking 55 ECTS credits or less of their BEng/BSc programme at DTU can apply to take MSc courses worth a total of up to 30 ECTS credits, provided that they wish to apply for admission to an MSc programme at DTU and meet the admission requirements and academic prerequisites for admission to the MSc programme in question.

You do NOT need to be admitted to an MSc programme to be granted a transitional semester. Your transitional semester is an extension of your BSc/BEng programme.

Please visit DTU’s intranet DTU Inside (login required) to learn about the rules.