Arctic Mineral Resources - joint international programme

The transition to green technologies and a low-carbon future is highly raw materials intensive. To address the mining related sustainability challenges, encountered especially in the Arctic areas, education of professionals must meet the new needs of the future.

Arctic Mineral Ressources

This unique 2-year master programme, Arctic Mineral Resources, provides an in-depth knowledge of designing mineral production processes and infrastructure in the Arctic environment, of economic and environmental aspects of mining in the Arctic as well as sustainable mine project development. Arctic Mineral Resources addresses the strategic importance - but also challenges - of the sensitive Arctic environment, and is jointly given by Luleå University of Technology (LTU) in Sweden, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), and University of Oulu (UO) in Finland.


The teaching is in English and the programme (120 ECTS) offers two study tracks:

  • Mineral Resource Management (double degree between DTU and LTU) - This track primarily addresses the skills needed within government, consultancies and various authorities, as well as the skills to communicate and interact with such stakeholders and the civil society.
  • Mineral Entrepreneurship (double degree between UO and LTU) - This track primarily addresses the skills needed within (junior) mining companies, consultancies or organizations active in the funding of mining projects.


Courses relate to management, administrational and infrastructure aspects of mining projects with focus on the special conditions of the Arctic region, including logistics, cold-climate construction and operations, stakeholder engagement in rural areas, and special environmental, societal, health and safety considerations. Integrated field and project assignments in collaboration with industry and authorities strengthen the entrepreneurial abilities of students.

All students are first enrolled at Luleå University of Technology, i.e. the first term for both tracks is given in Luleå. For the second term, the students move to Greenland (Arctic semester given by DTU) and Oulu (Nordic entrepreneur school at UO), respectively. The third term offers the choice between the two universities in each track. The fourth term is assigned to the master thesis and is also shared and co-supervised by the two universities in each track.


This education provides you with the skills needed to e.g. work with junior mining companies and consultancies (Mineral Entrepreneurship track covering legislative, social, financial and other aspects of mining projects) or to work for government and authorities with the evaluation of mining projects, permitting procedures and stakeholder involvement (Mineral Resource Management track).

The programme has been jointly developed by the three institutions Luleå University of Technology (LTU), Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and University of Oulu (UO) together with the Swedish Geological Survey (SGU) and the Finnish Gelogical Survey (GTK), and with financial support of the EIT RawMaterials (Project MArctic).


Ole Skursch

Ole Skursch Postdoc Department of Environmental and Resource Engineering