What can I do with an MSc in Civil Engineering

With a MSc Eng in Civil Engineering, you can become a key figure in the research and development of methods for classical and modern buildings—both on land and offshore.

Typical fields of work

There is a wide range of possible fields of work. At DTU, you can aim for special jobs or career opportunities by choosing elective courses that provide you with qualifications in areas not generally associated with civil engineering, and which give you a unique profile.

Career opportunities

Civil Engineering graduates typically start their own business or are employed by, for instance:

  • consulting engineering firms or contractors
  • manufacturers
  • local authorities
  • public agencies
  • educational and research institutions

Pursue a PhD

Once you have a MSc Emg in Civil Engineering, you might get the opportunity to continue your studies and apply for admission to the three-year PhD, which at DTU is a research-based programme ranking among the best in the world. You can do either a regular PhD or an industrial PhD, the latter with concurrent employment in a company.

As a PhD student, you will be part of a research group and will carry out an independent scientific project.

Corporate MSc Eng programme in Civil Engineering

Combine work with studies and join a DTU Corporate MSc Eng programme in Civil Engineering. Read more about the corporate programmes here.