What can I do with an MSc in Communication Technologies and System Design

ICT is one of the technologically and economically fastest growing industries, offering a wide spectrum of career opportunities. You might also get the opportunity to continue your studies and do a PhD, for instance at DTU.

Typical fields of work

Communication Technologies and System Design graduates are employed in companies designing and developing software components for communication systems or carrying out analyses of new information technologies and economic issues. Below are some examples of typical jobs and fields of work:

  • development engineer: FPGA development;
  • development engineer: development of software for communication systems;
  • design engineer: dimensioning and design of mobile communication systems;
  • telecom operator consultant.

Career opportunities

Communication Technologies and System Design graduates typically find employment in the part of the electronics industry producing transmission and measuring equipment for communication purposes—including especially mobile and optical communication—or in the traditional telecom sector with, for instance, telecom or mobile operators.

Furthermore, an increasing number of graduates find employment in the emerging 'convergence industry' consisting of providers of new information and communication services—including television operators—and in companies with an extensive use of traditional telecommunication or the new services mentioned above.

Examples of companies in which our graduates are employed:

  • GlobalConnect
  • NapaTech
  • Vitesse Semiconductor
  • Huawei
  • Zeuxion
  • Accenture

Pursue a PhD

Once you have an MSc in Engineering, you might get the opportunity to continue your studies and apply for admission to the three-year PhD, which at DTU is a research-based programme ranking among the best in the world. You can do either a regular PhD or an industrial PhD, the latter with concurrent employment in a company.

As a PhD student, you will be part of a research group and will carry out an independent scientific project.