Breath requirement list

These are the courses that currently count towards each area of the breadth requirement. The list is updated once a year.

Theory KAIST CS500 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
KAIST CS504 Computational Geometry
KAIST CS522 Theory of Formal Languages and Automata
KAIST CS579 Computational Linguistics
DTU 02239 Data Security
DTU 02242 Program Analysis
DTU 02249 Computationally Hard Problems
DTU 02281 Data logic
Software KAIST CS520 Theory of Programming Languages
KAIST CS550 Software Engineering
KAIST CS552 Models of Software Systems
KAIST CS554 Designs for Software and Systems
KAIST CS560 Database System
KAIST CS562 Database Design
KAIST CS570 Artificial Intelligence
KAIST CS572 Intelligent Robotics
KAIST CS574 Natural Language Processing I
KAIST CS576 Computer Vision
KAIST CS578 Bionic Human-Robot Interaction
KAIST CS580 Interactive Computer Graphics
KAIST CS590 Semantic Web
KAIST CS591 Software Ecosystem
DTU 02244 Language-Based Security
DTU 02267 Software Development of Web Services
DTU 02285 Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems
DTU 02291 System Integration
Computer KAIST CS510 Computer Architecture
Systems KAIST CS530 Operating System
KAIST CS540 Network Architecture
KAIST CS542 Internet Systems Technology
KAIST CS546 Wireless Mobile Internet
KAIST CS548 Advanced Information Security
DTU 02205 VLSI Design
DTU 02220 Distributed Systems
DTU 02223 Fundamentals of Modern Embedded Systems