Embedded and Distributed Systems - Study line

Embedded systems are now everywhere: from medical devices to vehicles, from mobile phones to factory systems, almost all the devices we use today are controlled by networked embedded computers. Embedded systems often have to fulfill a wide range of competing constraints: low computational resources, high availability, adequate security, reliable communication. This requires the right balance between the hardware and software components. In this context, designing embedded systems becomes both increasingly important and increasingly difficult.

The student must follow the requirements in the general curriculum for the programme such that at least 30 ECTS points are obtained among the following courses:

02211 Advanced Computer Architecture (5 ECTS)

02221 Foundations of Distributed Systems (5 ECTS)

02223 Model-Based Systems Engineering (7.5 ECTS) 

02224 Modelling and Analysis of Real-Time Systems (5 ECTS)

02226 Networked Embedded Systems (5 ECTS)

02229 Systems Optimization (7.5 ECTS)

02257 Applied Functional Programming (5 ECTS)

02258 Parallel Computer Systems (5 ECTS)

02291 System Integration (5 ECTS)

The terminated courses 02220 Distributed Systems (7.5 ECTS), 02222 Distributed Systems (10 ECTS), 02225 Real-Time Systems (7.5 ECTS), 02228 Fault-Tolerant Systems (7.5 ECTS) and 02231 Advanced Modelling and Analysis of Embedded Systems (5 ECTS) also count on the study line.