Structure of the Master of Science Programme at DTU

The Master of Science (MSc) programme—a two-year programme—consists of 120 ECTS credits and picks up where the BSc programme left off. The MSc programme provides you with more in-depth knowledge about your subject area. You also learn about teamwork and collaboration, preparing you for the work form you will meet in your subsequent working life.

The MSc programme is divided into individual study programmes, all of which include four course blocks.
Structure of the MSc programme. The polytechnic foundation: 10 ECTS. Programme specific courses: 50 ECTS. Elective courses: 30 ECTS. Master's thesis: 30 ECTS.


The polytechnical foundation of the MSc programme ensures that you learn computational models for creating sustainable solutions. You will also acquire knowledge about innovation processes - including teamwork, entrepreneurship, and business acumen - all related to specific academic or interdisciplinary contents in your study programme.

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The programme specific courses ensure that you gain an understanding of the core elements in your subject area and that you acquire the latest technological knowledge and competences in your subject area.


You can use the elective courses to achieve additional cutting-edge competences in your subject area and to supplement your study programme with higher education basic science subjects or with relevant subjects from other study programmes.


The Master’s thesis is the final project in your study programme. Here you will have the opportunity to work independently with a topic of your choice containing elements of the latest research in the field in question.
Study lines or focus areas have been developed for most of the MSc Eng programmes. Completing a certain study line will result in a more specialized educational profile.

The programmes have a cross-disciplinary content and provide the graduate with a unique set of engineering qualifications, only obtainable from the DTU research and innovation environment.

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