Admission and enrolment for guest students

Admission requirements

To be enrolled as a guest student, you must submit a notice of preliminary approval. This is a document from your own educational institution stating that the course credit points can be transferred to your programme. Preliminary approval must be submitted as soon as possibleand no later than four weeks after semester start for 13-week sessions and one week for 3-week sessions. If you do not hand in the preapproval before this date, your course registrations will be cancelled.

Everyone meeting the standard admission requirements for DTU programmes may enrol as a guest student.

Some of the courses have limited admission this is stated in the course descriptions in the course database. Guest students may only enrol in these courses if, after the enrolment deadline, the course is not filled up with DTU’s full-time students. Furthermore, guest students may only enrol in courses taught under Open University. It is stated in the course description whether a course is taught under single-course student or not.


To enrol as a guest student, you need to complete the application form.

Remember to submit the notice of preliminary approval stating that the credit points from the course/courses can be transferred to your study programme.

If you are a PhD student you must use the PhD application form.

Enrolment deadlines

Autumn semester 13-week session/autumn 8 July –5 August
3-week session/January 15 November – 1 December
Spring semester 13-week session/spring 5 December – 5 January
3-week session/June 1 May – 15 May
  3-week session/July 1 May – 15 May 
  3-week session/August  1 May – 15 May 

Notice of admission

Within three weeks after the application deadline, you will receive an email stating whether you are enrolled in the desired courses or not. The letter also provides practical information, among other things, about the commencement of classes and when you can expect to receive a certificate stating you have taken the course if enrolled.