Registering for courses as a guest PhD student

PhD students from other universities can attend most of the courses listed in DTU's coursebase. A condition for participation is that there are available spaces in the course(s) you apply for.

Please check the coursebase for a detailed description of each course.

How to sign up for a course
You can sign up for courses by filling in the electronic registration form.

Please note that some PhD courses require registration with the teacher.

Also, please remember to send a copy of your valid student ID or other documentation, which clearly states that you are a PhD student. Otherwise you will be charged a tuition fee.

If you are registering for a course where there is central sign-up rather than sign-up with the professor/department, you will receive an email from PhD Administration & Development with a login to DTU's intranet before the course starts.

Course registration deadlines
Autumn: beginning of August
January: beginning of December

Spring: mid January 
June, July & August: mid May

For PhD courses, the registration deadline may vary. This will appear from the course description.

How to read a course description
The same model is used to describe each course. Some of the items are explained below.

If the course description contains English as "The language of Instruction," English speaking students can attend the course. The course will  be held in English or the teacher will organize a special session for English speaking students. If Danish is indicated as "The language of Instruction" the course will be held in Danish. 


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8-12 am E-1A E-3A E-5A E-2B E-4B
12-13 pm Break Break Break Break Break
13-17 pm E-2A E-4A E-5B E-1B E-3B
18-21 pm - - - - -

The timetable is identical for autumn and spring. E stands for the autumn (efterår) semester and F stands for the spring (forår) semester.

If the description of the course refers to F3 in the timetable, the course is held in the spring in group 3 (both 3A and 3B) i.e. Tuesday 8-12 am and Friday 13-17 pm. E3 indicates that the course will be held in the autumn both 3A and 3B.

The workload related to the course is quoted in ECTS-points (European Standard) where 60 points equals one year's workload (classes exercises, preparation and exams included).

Not applicable together with
Courses that are not eligible for points along with the particular course.

Mandatory prerequisites
This section indicates any courses you must have passed before you can register for the course. Quite a few guest PhD students have qualifications from other courses though. If you have any questions concerning the requirements, please contact the course instructor.

Participant restrictions
This section indicates the maximum number of students who can attend the course due to limited apparatus etc. If the number of students signed up for a course exceeds the number of seats available, there will be a draw for the seats. Students enrolled at DTU, who have signed up in due time, will have priority.

Course duration
Most courses last 13 weeks (one semester) divided between 3-7 hours per week plus homework. The 13-week period starts twice a year: the first week in September (the autumn semester) and the first week in February (the spring semester). 

In addition to these courses, DTU offers shorter courses in January, June, July and August. These courses have full-time tuition every day and last between 1½ to 3 weeks.

Courses only for PhD students are typically independent from the normal semester schedule and the duration will usually appear from the course description.

The examination
When registered for a course, you are automatically registered for the examination. Your grades will be shown on your personal page on DTU's intranet.

Tuition fee
Guest PhD students from the EU and the Nordic countries do not have to pay tuition fees although there may be fees for materials. Guest PhD students from other countries must contact the department hosting the course, regarding the price of the course.

Course certificate
As soon as possible after the evaluation of the course, you will receive a course certificate in English.