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PhD students from other universities can attend most of the courses listed in DTU's coursebase. A condition for participation is that there are available spaces in the course(s) you apply for.

Please check the coursebase for a detailed description of each course.

How to sign up for a course
You can sign up for courses by filling in the electronic registration form.

Please remember to attach a copy of your valid student ID or other documentation, which clearly states that you are a PhD student. Otherwise, you will be charged a tuition fee.

Once you are accepted for a course, you will receive an email from PhD Administration & Development.

Please note that some PhD courses also require registration pr. email to the professor if noted in the course description. 

General course registration deadlines

For courses in the autumn: Beginning of August
For courses in January: Beginning of December

For courses in the spring: Beginning of January 
For courses in June, July & August: Mid-May

For some PhD courses, the registration deadline may be different. Please refer to the course description.

Tuition fee
Guest PhD students from universities the EU and the Nordic countries do not have to pay tuition fees although there may be fees for materials. Guest PhD students from other countries must contact the department hosting the course, regarding the price of the course.

When registered for a course, you are automatically registered for the examination. Your grades will be shown on your personal page on DTU's intranet. 

Course certificate
As soon as possible after the evaluation of the course, you will receive an official course certificate from DTU by email.

If the above does not answer your questions, please contact