About the PhD programme at DTU

At DTU you can get a research education equal to the world’s very best within the natural and the technical sciences including several societally relevant engineering disciplines such as digitalization, sustainable energy technologies, and life science.

As a PhD student you will carry out independent scientific research including a written dissertation and a public defense of your PhD work.

Learning to conduct research
The PhD study is a learning process where you as a PhD student learn to conduct research by working closely with your academic supervisor. The supervisor and PhD student work together as a team in order to achieve the best results.

The PhD programme consists of:

  • an independent scientific project
  • course work corresponding to 30 ECTS
  • teaching and dissemination activities corresponding to approximately 3 months 
  • an external research stay
  • a PhD thesis
  • a public defence

Quality assurance
Here you can read about the different processes which the PhD programme is subjected to at DTU in order to ensure that our programme maintains its high quality.