The organization of PhD schools at DTU differs from that of the other universities in that each department constitutes a PhD school. Accordingly, the head of department is also the head of the PhD school. The 19 PhD schools are grouped into 5 PhD committees. Each PhD committee consists of scientific staff and PhD students from those PhD schools that are comprised by the PhD committee. The Dean of Graduate Studies and International Affairs has the overall responsibility for the PhD programme.
DTU is imparting emphasis to the quality assurance of its PhD programme. This memorandum describes DTU’s current initiatives. Some are based on the Universities Act or on the Ministerial Order on the PhD Programme at the Universities; others are on DTU’s own initiative.
The five PhD committees at DTU play an important role in quality assurance. The PhD committees consist of 5–12 members of which 3–8 are selected by the faculty and other scientific personnel and are normally experienced faculty PhD supervisors, who are usually involved in managing the PhD school of the department. Another 2–4 are selected from the PhD students. All the departments at DTU are represented in at least one PhD committee.
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