Salary paid to PhD students

As a PhD student you are placed on a pay grade based on whether you have been working after finishing your graduate studies. 

As of 1 October 2018 the monthly salary, including supplement (the supplement is not subject to pension) amounts to:

  • Pay grade 4 (0 year seniority):   DKK 27,135      (DKK 30,884 including pension) 
  • Pay grade 4 (1 year seniority):   DKK 27,135      (DKK 30,884 including pension) 
  • Pay grade 5 (2 years seniority): DKK 29,140      (DKK 33,180 including pension) 
  • Pay grade 6 (3 years seniority): DKK 30,969      (DKK 35,275 including pension) 
  • Pay grade 8 (4 years seniority): DKK 32,771      (DKK 37,338 including pension) 

The above pension contribution calculated at 85% of the basic salary. As part of the collective agreement for 2018 between the unions and the employers, it was agreed that the pension contribution as of 1 October 2018 will be calculated on the basis of the entire basic salary. DTU cannot honour this agreement until it has been typed up and published. This means that there will be a post-adjustment of pension when the agreement has been published.
PhD students employed at DTU can contact the department's HR's consultant regarding salary and employment.
Secondary employment

As the PhD programme is a full-time study programme and must be given high priority, PhD students may only in exceptional cases be granted permission to engage in secondary employment during the PhD programme.

In connection with secondary employment, the general rules at DTU apply.

The rules are specified in the internal pages of the HR department. (only accessible with DTU login)