Funding a PhD study

The expenses for a PhD study programme consist partly of salary or stipend to the PhD student and partly of a tuition fee. If the student is employed by a business or financed through a stipend, the business/organisation is obligated to pay salary/provide a stipend according to the Danish collective agreement as a minimum.

The tuition fee to DTU, which covers the annual direct costs of the PhD study programme, exclusive of overhead, amounts to:

  • 2023 DKK 137,000
  • 2024 DKK 139,000
  • 2025 DKK 141,000
  • 2026 DKK 143,000

If a company only covers part of a PhD stipend, the PhD student is employed by DTU. The company contribution must include overhead on the salary. Overhead includes indirect expenses in connection with the PhD study programme.

The tuition fee for Industrial PhD students differs from the usual tuition fee by amounting to DKK 120,000 (incl. overhead), because the company meets some of the expenses that the tuition fee usually covers.