Renewable energy

DTU's research help Denmark becoming independent of fossil fuels and supporting the UN's 7th World Sustainable Energy Goals.

Foto: Joachim Ladefoged

Increasing emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere are contributing to climate change. Temperatures and sea levels are both rising, and the weather is becoming more extreme. In order to counteract climate change and reduce CO2 emissions, we need to switch our energy consumption to renewable energy sources.

In Denmark, the ambition is that we must be independent of fossil fuels—coal, oil, and gas—by 2050. This means that renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and biomass must be able to meet Denmark’s entire energy consumption—at the same time that our energy needs are constantly increasing.

Much of DTU’s research contributes to this green transition. We are world-leading within wind energy technology, and have developed a number of interdisciplinary research environments where, for example, we are researching how to convert power from renewable energy sources into liquid fuels, and how we can store energy—for example in batteries, in hot stones underground, or in the masonry of buildings—so it is available when the wind is not blowing or the sun is not shining.