Open science

Open Science is a new approach to the scientific process that is based on cooperation, openness, and unrestricted access to research data, publications, and tools

The Open Science agenda stems from being able to access new types of digital technologies, tools, and infrastructures for collaborative research, as well as the need to access publicly supported research.

At DTU, researchers are focusing on this Open Science agenda in close collaboration with DTU Library, which has ensured a coherent infrastructure for the scientific process: Access to all necessary scientific literature through DTU Findit, the archiving and publishing of research data in DTU Data, and the archiving of publications and associated Open Access versions at DTU Orbit. Both DTU Orbit and DTU Data are globally and openly accessible systems that are contributing to the dissemination of scientific communication.

Based on this digital infrastructure, DTU has a unique opportunity to live up to the Open Science principles of openness in research. The ambition is for DTU to lead the way within the dissemination of FAIR data and to work in a targeted way with optimizing applications for Open Science output.

The objective in this area is to create even more transparency for DTU’s research. The main infrastructure lines have been established, but a cultural change is required so that researchers think about the reusability of data in a broader sense than is currently the case. This change must, for example, be carried out in connection with addressing the practical applicability of the FAIR principles, and supported by dialogue, competence development, and support. The mandate for changing DTU’s research culture lies with DTU’s Research Data Management Forum.