Research framework

As a researcher at DTU, you are part of an international elite university with modern research facilities, cross-cutting research environments, and close cooperation with the business community. Legal assistance, help with research applications, and working with good scientific practice are just some of the possibilities that DTU offers its researchers.

DTU upholds freedom of research, credibility, and research integrity by following a number of principles and guides to good scientific practice. DTU’s objective is to be a national hub for technological development through education, research, innovation, and scientific advice.

DTU is focused on ensuring that its technical-scientific research contributes to the development of society and addresses global challenges.

Research conducted at DTU must be of high quality and with a high degree of credibility. DTU therefore adheres to a number of principles and guidelines that describe the frameworks for good scientific practice.


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Research data volumes are growing, and the ability to manage and efficiently utilize the data is a prerequisite for fulfilling DTU’s ambition of being among the top five technical universities in Europe.


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As a DTU researcher, you can receive help with securing funding, sparring on presentations, advice, and legal assistance.


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As a researcher at DTU, you are part of a large community that develops and utilizes natural science and technical science for the benefit of society.


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