Find a researcher

Do you need an opinion from one of DTU’s researchers, or are you looking for information about a specific research activity?

This page helps you to get in touch with researchers within all DTU’s research areas. Help is also available if you don’t know the name of the researcher, the department, or the activity in which the person in question works with.

Press service

Are you a journalist, and do you have any questions for a researcher or about DTU’s research? The DTU press service is able to help find an expert who can assist you with knowledge and facts for your story.

Find the press service here.

Phone book

You can use the phone book to find the contact details and addresses of all researchers at DTU.

In the search field ‘Who’, you can search on all or part of the person’s name, while the search field ‘Where’ allows you to either refine your search or view all the employees at a specific department.

Find the phone book here.

Clicking on a name will then give you access to the place of employment, the employee’s title, and their contact details. In addition, it will provide an overview of the publications and projects to which the person in question has contributed.

Find contact details in the news articles

DTU regularly publishes articles on selected research activities and findings. The names of the researchers who have contributed to the article will always be stated. In each case, you can click the name for more information.

If you need to find out more about a specific research area and thus a group of researchers, you can use ‘Search for text or person’ to search all articles within a specific topic.

Find all DTU news here.