DTU Sisimiut Campus

DTU has many years of experience in the Arctic. The university has a strong presence in Greenland, partly due to DTU’s Campus in the town of Sisimiut. Here, the focus is centered on Arctic Civil Engineering where our engineers and students can benefit from their immediate surroundings.

DTU Sisimiut campus located in Greenland

Sisimiut is situated north of the Arctic Circle and is Greenland’s second-largest town with around 5,600 inhabitants. The town is also home to DTU's Greenland campus.

The campus houses students who attend the Bachelor of Engineering in Arctic Civil Engineering as well as The Arctic Semester and Nordic Master in Cold Climate Engineering. By placing these programs in Greenland, DTU ensures that its students and engineers are close to the knowledge and experience that working in the Arctic can bring.

A number of research activities and fieldwork are conducted on the Sisimiut Campus. The main areas are:

  • Buildings and Energy
  • Climate Change Monitoring
  • Cold Climate Constructions and Physical Environment
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Oceanography
  • Planning, Sustainability and Infrastructure
  • Sustainable Exploitation of Arctic Resources


Arctic DTU Sisimiut – Ilinniarfeqarfik Sisimiut
Siimuup Aqqutaa 32, B-1280
P.O Box 3019, 3911 Sisimiut