PhD relocation to Denmark and startup "Zoom" seminar

PhD relocation to Denmark and startup “Zoom” seminar.

More than half of all PhD students at DTU have an international background. This means a lot of questions regarding moving to Denmark, e.g. housing, registration, taxes and all other practical HR matters regarding relocating for studies in Denmark. Furthermore, most PhDs in Denmark are employed and therefore receive a salary from the University.

The seminar will not cover the actual content of potential PhD studies – only practical issues regarding relocation and employment. The actual PhD study is organized between the hiring researcher, the local PhD school and the DTU PhD office. You will be informed about this setup if you are offered an interview regarding a PhD enrolment.

This seminar will cover the following topics:

  • Your way to a PhD at DTU
  • Practical issues regarding emigration (EU/non-EU), enrolment and employment
  • Bringing family to Denmark
  • Housing in Denmark
  • Learning Danish
  • Social life in Denmark
  • Salary levels for PhD’s at DTU

Dates, time and links:

03.06.2022 – 13.00 Central European Time

03.08.2022 – 13.00 Central European Time

05.09.2022 – 13.00 Central European Time

04.10.2022 – 13.00 Central European Time

02.11.2022 – 13.00 Central European Time

05.12.2022 – 13.00 Central European Time