Before arrival

Corporate HR is available to help with the practical aspects of your relocation process. You and your family will be put in touch with an HR-consultant, who will be able to offer guidance and answer to your questions.

Managing expectations webinars

We wouldn't want you to arrive unprepared, so we can offer you and your family the possibility to join a monthly webinar tailored for international DTU candidates, to answer your questions and discuss what to expect when coming to DTU.

Examples of topics we can discuss include the terms of your employment, practical matters to take care of upon arrival, Danish work culture, moving to Denmark with a family, and more.

Work and residence permit

Whether you require a work and residence permit depends on your citizenship and a number of other factors.

Corporate HR will determine your need for a work and residence permit and start the application process for you. You will also receive instructions on how to apply for residence permits for your accompanying family members.

EU residence document

EU citizens residing in Denmark for more than 3 months must apply for an EU residence document.

Corporate HR will help you with the proces

Pension scheme

As an employee at DTU, you will receive an employer-paid pension based on the collective agreement covering your employment.

Non-Danish citizens may have the option of choosing between different pension schemes at the time of employment.

Corporate HR can explain the different options available to you, so you feel prepared to make the right decision for you and your family.


Employees at DTU are entitled to 6 weeks of holiday each year, as governed by the collective agreement covering your employment.

Corporate HR can provide more information about the danish holiday system. 


The DTU Housing Foundation supports new international employees, PhD students, and guests (over 1 month) in their search for housing.

DTU has a limited number of guest accommodations that can be booked for short periods of time. Please note that the guest accommodations tend to be reserved far in advance, and availability cannot be guaranteed. 

Childcare and schools

Corporate HR can provide you with information on how to help your children adjust to their new home country, the Danish childcare and school systems, and how to find a daycare, kindergarten or school near you.

Find more information about moving to Denmark with children.